Total Commitment to HSE:

It is the policy of Zakum Development Company (ZADCO) that in the conduct of our activities we take foremost account of the Health and Safety of all persons and safeguard the natural environment in accordance with the Local, Federal and International Laws.

This policy is based on the firm conviction that our Health, Safety and Environmental objectives have equal status with our other primary business objectives.

In recent years, ZADCO has developed an outstanding Health, Safety and Environment Management System designed to ensure that all aspects of HSE are managed in a manner to ensure the most up to date information technology and systems are applied and utilized within the company operations.

ZADCO employees and their families' health are of utmost importance. Various programmes are implemented to ensure that the working and living environments are not hazardous or detrimental to an individual's health. These include health and hygiene inspections, medical checks, health risk assessments, noise assessments, general health awareness promotions and other specifically targeted studies and training programmes.

ZADCO has maintained a remarkable safety performance record over the past years. The company lost time injury frequency rate compares very favorable with other international and local oil and gas producing companies.

ZADCO has always adopted a proactive stance towards protecting the environment where in 1996 adopted the Company slogan “Unite for a Clean Environment” to reflect its commitment. This was supported with major improvements in an already excellent environmental protection programme that includes ecological surveys and development of environmental management plans, gas flaring reduction, waste recycling and awareness programmes to minimize risks and hazards to employees, contractors, property and the communities in which the company operates.

Distinguished achievements of ZADCO in HSE have been recognized over the years with high commendation, appreciation and top placements in the ADNOC sponsored Annual HSE Award Scheme since its inception in 1998. In 2001, ZADCO was awarded three first prizes in Health, Environment and Innovation.

ZADCO Management is committed to continuous improvement of HSE performance by applying even stricter control on all aspects of HSE in line with industry best practices, shareholders and legislative requirements.