Medical Screening:
Assurance of good health begins prior to employment through a medical screening process in line with ADNOC and ZADCO Occupational Medicine/Health guidelines. It seeks to ascertain that employees are medically fit for a specific task. The importance of medical fitness for work cannot be overstated as this not only affects the employee concerned but also the task at hand, fellow employees, and even the family. Medical screening continues all through an employee's service with ZADCO by way of periodic medical examinations. This process helps in ensuring continued medical fitness of an employee for the task and is also essential for the early detection and identification of ill health.

Health Risk Assessment:

The potential health hazards in the work environment are of primary concern not only because of their possible negative impact on employees, but also on the Company as a whole. Health hazards may be physical, chemical, biological, ergonomic or psychological in nature. ZADCO endeavors to assess all possible health risks at work and establish control measures where required in order to maintain a healthy workplace.

Health Surveillance:

Where risks to health cannot reasonably be excluded from the workplace, it becomes imperative to monitor the health effects on the worker. Aside from periodic medical examinations, employees at higher risk of exposure to health hazards undergo health surveillance. This is accomplished through detailed medical investigations aimed at monitoring specific health effects that can be expected from the hazard. Detecting adverse health effects at an early stage will support the timely corrective and control measures to be instituted.

Medical Services:

ZADCO delivers primary health care to all employees and their dependents. Medical services are provided by a healthcare team of physicians, nurses, technicians and administrators in Abu Dhabi as well as at Sites. The Medical Services team performs the essential function of maintaining the health of all employees by attending to their day-to-day medical needs. The Medical Services team also provides the necessary assistance during medical emergencies and when employees require additional medical care. Another vital role involves the formulation and implementation of medical guidelines to ensure compliance with applicable ADNOC and legal requirements.

Health Promotion:

The aim of health promotion is to prevent health risks associated with the living surroundings and individual life style such as infectious diseases, inadequate nutrition, use of tobacco and lack of exercise & physical fitness. By providing guidance and encouraging a health life style, the health promotion programme would lead to the improvement and maintenance at a high level of the overall health status & well-being of employees and their families. Health promotion is achieved through information dissemination on relevant medical issues along with ongoing medical screening and health risk assessments.