Risk Assessment and Management:

ZADCO is continuously striving to achieve excellence in HSE performance and to sustain this performance over time. In order to achieve this goal, ZADCO has developed a comprehensive approach to identify hazards and manage the associated risks within our operations.

Risk assessment is not only an important input into decision-making, but it is applied to all projects. Risk based tools are effectively used to manage risks and minimize exposure in a wide range of operations and are used routinely on all ZADCO sites.

Our aim in conducting informal and formal risk assessments is to ensure that all of the hazards associated with work activities are identified and their associated risks assessed. The risk management through process is the same as what we use in our informal/personal risk assessments.

The basic assumption that workers make is that ZADCO facilities are a safe place to work. This assumption is that workers understand the risks that they are exposed to and that they accept this level or risk. Further working for ZADCO also implies that the workers know their annual risk exposure level and the criteria of acceptability of these risks. We all assume that ZADCO is a safe place to work and we will all return home at the end of our work period.