Health & Safety No harm to people and surrounding communities.
Flaring Strive towards ultimate elimination of hydrocarbon flaring.
Green House Gases Reduce emissions, improve energy efficiency and promote renewable energy
Sustainable Development Promote sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.
Venting Eliminate continuous venting of hydrocarbon and other toxic gases.
Biodiversity Protect and restore natural biodiversity.
Halons & CFC’s Zero losses of Halons & CFC’s by gradual elimination/ replacement
Resources Sustainable use of resources – land, energy and raw materials.
Discharges to water Re-inject produced waters unless their discharges is compatible with the surface environment and can be discharged in line with ADNOC and international standards. Treat and monitor effluents in accordance with ADNOC Code of Practices.
Oil-based drilling mud and cuttings Minimize the use of oil-based mud, recycle and dispose of drilling mud and contaminated cuttings in ways that do not cause release of contaminants to the environment.
Solid wastes Minimize and control all domestic, industrial, medical, hazardous, and special waste. Treat and dispose as per ADNOC Codes OF Practices.
Water Minimize water consumption and promote water conservation.
Oil and chemical spills Prevent oil and chemical spills. If they do occur, control and mitigate the impact.