It is the policy of Zadco to take the foremost account towards the health and safety of
all persons and to protect the natural environment in compliance with ADNOC Code
of Practice and the Federal, International laws as well as the industry best practices.
This policy is based on our firm conviction that Health, Safety and Environment
objectives are as important as the rest of other business objectives.
On General HSE Aspects:
  • Ensure that all personnel working for and on behalf of ZADCO are made aware of the HSE policy and their HSE roles and responsibilities as they will be held accountable for the HSE matters.
  • Ensuring that contractors comply with ZADCO HSE Management System.

  • Conduct activities in a manner designed to minimize HSE risks to a level which is As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP).
  • Carry out a regular reviews to measure HSE performance against set targets and to ensure continuous improvement through the proactive participation of all employees and contractors.
  • Ensure that all new projects and activities adhere to HSE regulations.


On Health:
  • Promote and protect, the health of the Company’s employees, contractors and of
    the community.
On Safety:
  • Minimize risks and hazards resulting from the company activities on ( employees,contractors and the community ).
  • ZADCO will take the necessary precautions to minimize company loss of assets by implementing Process Safety Management to control process hazards and prevent process-related incidents and injuries.
On Environment:
  • Protect the environment and minimize the negative impact of company activities by reducing emissions, discharges and wastes.