New Features
  • Empower all personnel working for and on behalf of ZADCO to take ownership and necessary action to deter HSE risk.
  • Promote a positive HSE Culture.
  • Contribute to the achievement of sustainable development in UAE.

On Safety:

  • Promote Process Safety Management to minimize occurrence of Major Hazards in its facilities.


Sustainability is most commonly defined as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. Through its HSEMS ZADCO seeks to participate within Abu Dhabi community and balance economy, society and environment within its operations.

ADNOC self Governance and self-regulation

The implementation of the new HSE Management System, contribute to the ADNOC self Governance and self-regulation principles in HSE matters

HSEMS is designed to manage the Health Safety & Environment on ZADCO Facilities in a structured and systematic way:

8 Elements
An element represents a set of basic requirements

32 Sub elements
A sub-element is key focus area of the HSEMS Elements with a number of expectations

82 HSE Key Activities
Activities that need to be performed to meet HSE expectations

39 Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Tools to measure the level of implementation

Supporting Documents
Documents to support the implementation of the system