“At ZADCO, we believe that to build and run effective teams we need effective leaders supported by professionally qualified and accountable team members…”

This is why we annually invest in training and development programs aimed at continuously improving and sustaining the leadership and team behaviors that will support the values we aspire to as a company. To develop a ‘coaching style' in our leaders, our programmes include:

  • Core Leadership Training Modules
  • 3600 Assessment and Development Plans
  • Leadership Web Page and Guidelines
  • Leadership Competency Profiles
  • Leadership Survey
  • EQ, Coaching and Feedback Modules

Leadership Surveys are used to benchmark our leadership and team performance against other Gulf employers, International Oil Companies and Globally recognized high performing companies. The results help identify further opportunities to raise performance.

We encourage all team members at all levels to demonstrate:  
  • Focus – by demonstrating clarity of purpose and direction aligned with our Corporate Vision.
  • Leadership – by taking accountability for decisions made, and supporting others to see things through.
  • Communication – by respecting all our contributions and networking effectively with other teams
  • Learning – by constantly improving business, technical and emotional skills, as well as promoting positive, two way coaching and feedback.
  • Performance – by planning effectively, setting S.M.A.R.T. goals, delivering and regularly reviewing progress