We are a “Learning & Innovation Driven” organization and strive to apply new technologies and best practices in all areas of our business. Through this, ZADCO achieves continuous improvement and increasingly high performance. Knowledge Management contributes to this by helping people be creative, solve problems, discover best practices and learn from more experienced personnel.

Knowledge Management encompasses ‘explicit knowledge' such as data, information, documentation and records that are written down or recorded. It also covers “tacit knowledge” which is about people's intuition, experience and wisdom that is normally passed from person to person through mentoring or networking. Good decision making and creativity depend on a combination of explicit and tacit knowledge.

Some key aspects of Knowledge Management in ZADCO are outlined below:

ZADCO's intranet contains Policies, Business Process Outlines, Technical and Operating Standards, and a wealth of other information. The Intranet also has Knowledge Sharing Boards (KSB) that support Communities of Interest.

Communities of Interest (or knowledge sharing groups) are groups of employees who work in different departments but share common professional interests.

To help capture tacit knowledge our training programs include on-the-job training (OJT) that allows trainees to work alongside experienced employees to learn practical skills and absorb their tacit knowledge.

Industry best practice is acquired from our shareholders, through conferences & seminars, and by benchmarking.