ZADCO's success depends on relations with outside parties such as our Shareholders, Joint Venture Partners, contractors and suppliers, universities, professional bodies, the international oil industry, and the general public.

ZADCO enjoys a mutual support and partnering relationship with its shareholders.

ZADCO has built a reputation as a fair but tough customer. Our relationships with contractors and supplies are based on the following principles

  • Fair competition for orders and good value for ZADCO
  • High standards of business ethics
  • Mutual trust between ZADCO and Contractors/suppliers
  • Good, co-operative working relationships
ZADCO's reputation as a top performing operating company in the ADNOC group and as a leading oil company in the Arabian Gulf region is well deserved. This good reputation is important to us because we feel proud to work for ZADCO, we attract the best recruits to join our company, and contractors and suppliers compete to do business with us.