The United Arab Emirates is located in an important area of the Arabian Gulf region. It has around 644 kms. Coast line on the Gulf shore besides 90 kms on the Gulf of Oman.
Total area of the UAE is around 83,600 sq. kms and comes the 3rd amongst GCC countries just after Saudi Arabia and Oman .
Hundreds of Islands are spreading in the marine areas of the UAE of which around 200 Islands for Abu Dhabi, such as Sir Baniyas, Delma, Zirku, Das and Umm Al-Nar Islands that are well known for their historical, environmental or economic importance. The UAE has more than 8 million population at a high growth level of 5.6%.
Political structure of the UAE includes a number of federal establishments at the top of which is the Federation Supreme Council which represents the highest political authority in the UAE. The council includes their Highnesses the Rulers of Emirates and is chaired by H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, the UAE President, Ruler of Abu Dhabi.

Traditions and Culture of the UAE
Despite the social transformation that has been witnessed by the people of the UAE during the last few decades with its implications, the essence of traditional society, religion, language, family and tribal affiliations remain constants. Traditions are cherished and nurtured these days by heritage groups and societies so that younger generations of the UAE Nationals can appreciate and learn from the resilience and ingenuinety of their forefathers. The UAE Community maintains the traditional desert sports such as the Camel & Horse races, falconry, fishing, boat building and race as well as the folkloric dances and poetry.The UAE Community is still showing a great deal of interest to the heritage features while enjoying the modern lifestyle.